Welcome to Coquille Foursquare Praise Center

We recognize and declare that Jesus Christ is the center of everything we do and who we are. Our church family embraces Nine Core Values that define how our culture operates and thrives. We believe that the church is a group of individuals with unique gifts whom God will use to do profound things. The values we establish shape our behavior and attitudes. Our Core Values are:
  1.  We Believe the Bible is God’s Inspired Word. (Detail)
  2.  We Value the Person, Presence, and Power of the Holy Spirit. (Detail)
  3.  We Embrace Worship as a Lifestyle of Responding to the Revelation of who God is. (Detail)
  4.  Prayer is a Priority in our Personal Lives. (Detail)
  5.  We Embrace Living in a Grace-Filled Community. (Detail)
  6.  We Pursue Encounters with Jesus, our Healer. (Detail)
  7.  We are Motivated by a Spirit of Generosity. (Detail)
  8.  We are a Multigenerational Congregation. (Detail)
  9.  We Partner with the Worldwide Body of Christ. (Detail)
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