The Genesis Process

Next Class Begins January 2021

22 Week Class -$20.00 (Workbook)

The Genesis Process is an attempt to provide the necessary understanding, as well as the practical tools, for real and permanent change. It is a blend of Biblical principles, understanding of the brain, and proven recovery strategies for not only freedom from self-destructive behaviors, but also addressing the underlying issues that drive them. Book 1: Is designed to help you experience personal growth and healing through understanding what’s been missing or wounded in your life and how it has affected you and your relationships, including your relationship with God. The goal of this first book is to answer the question from Romans 7, “Why do I do the very thing I don’t want to do?” Book 2: Will help you experience a lifestyle of growth and change by equipping you with new understanding and tools to succeed, along with the ability to develop safe, lasting relationships. The goals are to identify and understand your own self-destructive behaviors, to teach you what is required to produce lasting change through Biblical recovery, and to help anyone willing to change to be able to change.

A Genesis Story – Marie

A Genesis Story – Julie